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Your company has achieved remarkable growth and is eager for continued expansion. With a mature team and refined processes, you possess a clear understanding of your core business and have a well-defined strategy for further development.


After navigating through a phase of growth, your business has gleaned vital insights, highlighting areas in your operations, processes, and products that require enhancement.

As you gear up for sustained growth, you recognise technology as a gap in your team’s expertise. You need readily available resources that understand your position in this journey and can skillfully develop a roadmap to prepare you for the next phase of scaling.



With your processes refined and a solid grasp on optimal operations, you're set to boost your workflow's efficiency. It's time to systemise and embrace smarter working methodologies.


To secure and sustain a competitive edge, you've pinpointed the need to improve service delivery and the working environment. Your goal is to enhance both customer and employee experiences.


As your workload intensifies, it's imperative for your team to keep up while maintaining customer satisfaction and safeguarding profit margins. This calls for more efficient, technology-driven methods to speed up operations.


In safeguarding your burgeoning reputation and meeting compliance standards, all while mitigating any risks, strengthening your business against privacy and security threats becomes crucial. It's essential to fortify your business's defenses to protect its value.

Scale beyond your ambitions to reach new heights, with us right by your side.


You’re looking for a seasoned partner to guide your commercial growth journey. The assurance that comes from having an experienced professional who can navigate the path ahead, helping you avoid common pitfalls.

Sherpa offers a hands-on, consultative service, aligning technology strategically with your business needs. With support in implementing and adopting new tech functionalities, this package enhances your workflow and empowers your team to achieve more, faster. 

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it support



per user, per month

Everything in Middleweight plus
4 support engineer visits per year
GDPR compliance monitoring
Centralised signature management
Advanced security logging
Individual device backup

it strategy



per month

Initial discovery meeting
Weekly scheduled call with summary notes and agreed actions follow up
Monthly review meeting
Retained CIO strategic advice service
90 day rolling contract after inital term of 12 months
Quarterly meetings in person

10% Off

Your complete IT partner all in one place

Whether you require support to sustain your business operations, a guiding expert to lead you up the right path towards growth, or a combination of the two – with a personalised service and accessible price points, our Supporter and Sherpa services are tailored to precisely where your business is on its evolution journey.

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