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You’re either a new venture or a small, established company ready to prioritise your technology. Your goal is to employ tech solutions that are both intelligent and secure, facilitating effortless scalability.




With more mature processes in place, you’re now poised to make your workflow more efficient. You're ready to embrace systemization and smarter working methods.


To stay ahead in a competitive landscape, you recognize the importance of enhancing service delivery and creating a better environment for your staff and customers. You seek ways to improve both customer and employee experiences.


As your workload increases, it's essential for your team to work more efficiently to meet customer demands and protect profit margins. You require quicker operational methods, leveraging technology to manage the heavier tasks.


To safeguard your burgeoning reputation, meet compliance requirements, and ensure business continuity against threats, strong protection is necessary. This includes securing privacy and defending against security breaches.

Launch into the world of new ways of working, which will empower limitless growth with us right by your side.

IT Managed Services

it support



per user, per month

Unlimited Remote IT Support
Essential Cyber Security & Data Privacy Protection
Cloud Data Backup & Recovery
Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance
IT Policies & Best Practices
Cyber essentials compliance monitoring
JML process enablement
Monthly customer care call

it strategy



per month

Initial discovery meeting
Monthly scheduled call with summary notes and agreed actions follow up
Retained CIO strategic advice service - best endeavours SLA
30 day rolling contract after initial term of 6 months
All interactions on Video/Voice calls

10% Off

Your complete IT partner all in one place

Whether you require support to sustain your business operations, a guiding expert to lead you up the right path towards growth, or a combination of the two – with a personalised service and accessible price points, our Supporter and Sherpa services are tailored to precisely where your business is on its evolution journey.

Get Ahead with Superior IT Support

Ready to elevate your IT game? Join forces with us and unlock the full potential of your business. Enquire today to start your journey towards streamlined, secure, and innovative IT solutions.

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